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Dr. Gaelle Yossa
Dr. Gaelle Yossa

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Dr. Gaelle Ngaha Yossa is a Medical Doctor who graduated from Cameroon, where she is originally from. From there, she went to Laval University in Québec, Canada, where she specialized in Clinical and Fundamental Nutrition and was also certified in Healthy lifestyle adoption and Weight loss management. The doctor also obtained an MBA in Business Management from the same University.

Gaelle currently works in Malaysia with some NGOs including Doctors Without Borders, to provide help for Rohingya refugees. She contributes to the Community Health Workers’ training aimed at empowering them with up-to-date medical knowledge to overcome the different challenges they might face during their visits.

Together with other health professionals, she joins the fight against non-communicable diseases which are growing within the Rohingya community and around the world.

Dr. Yossa works as a Nutritionist Consultant helping to put in place programs to decrease food insecurity within the communities that need it most. On the other hand, she works as a personal nutritionist for individuals who require guidance to live a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to her sterling career as a doctor, she is also a public speaker, spreading the word about good nutrition and its benefits.

As an entrepreneur and founder of Be-Unick, she aims to provide Africans with personalized tools to empower them in their journey to a sustainable healthier lifestyle. She hopes to achieve this with education supported by tangible tests such as the Nutrigenomics test and personalized nutritional recommendations.

Be-Unick believes in the natural power of African foods and is involved in promoting it in all ways including education and consultation to fight obesity in Africa.


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