Our Philosophy

There are all the good reasons to do business and shop with Organic Trade & Investments. 


We revered and encourage natural beauty and healthy lifestyle and this is why we are committed to promoting the use of natural herbs and organic products in our everyday life.

It’s been proven scientifically that organic products have tremendous natural health benefits. The benefits of our products include; skin nourishment, versatility, skin smoothing, blood pressure management, pregnancy and fertility improvement, and blood pressure control. Our products can also satiates thirst and be used as anti-cancer properties,  a moisturizer and/or an anti-inflammatory. Other benefits include; lowering cholesterol, protecting liver, and aiding digestion.

We offer the best quality products at very competitive prices. Our products are sold at wholesale prices to allow you make a reasonable profit margin. All our goods for shipping, are sold under Free Carrier (FCA) terms. 


We are very flexible and transparent in our dealings; you will get a breakdown of all expenses and shipping costs to allow you to make an informed decision on your purchase. You are invited to witness the loading of your goods at Tema port, when shipping in large volumes.

We understand the essence of trust in building a sustainable relationship with our clients. 

We promote small scale farmers and producers who are into organic farming and agroprocessing of natural commodities. 

We are fair trade advocates. Each time you buy from us, you are putting a smile on the face of one of our small scale farmers or producers. Your are contributing to help us give them a decent life and eradicating poverty from their communities.

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