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Working from home has never been that fun! 

Since the inception of Organic Trade and Investments (OTI), the Company has always been an e-Commerce, AgriTech, and an export trading business that has no physical office. Its support team has been working from the comfort of their homes since 2015.

We know the challenges that come with working from home. Because we care about the security, mental and general health, and the wellbeing of our workers, we decided to create an eco-friendly and stress-free virtual environment for all our employees. 

OTI Virtual Office, completely built from scratch by our Chief Technology Officer; Wisdom Kwarteng; is an online platform that integrates all the tools necessary for an online company's employees to provide their daily services efficiently from their home-office, wherever they are, and whenever their services are required.

At Organic Trade and Investments (OTI), we know that when employees are happy the wellbeing of our shareholders is assured. 

This platform is accessible to OTI employees only. If you are an OTI worker, login with your login credentials. 

Have an organic virtual working day! 

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