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Cocoa butter brings to mind the delicious memories of decadent desserts such as chocolate bars, chocolate brownies, and chocolate cake, yet, this ingredient can also be a component in organic cosmetics and beauty products. OTI organic natural cocoa butter is extracted from high-quality cocoa beans nurtured in the high-yielding soils of Ghana: it is slightly yellowish and pale in appearance. Lavish in fatty acids, it nourishes your skin and gives it a luxurious feel while improving its elasticity. In chocolates, it does not only leave a flavoursome sensation in your mouth but also enriches your body with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


OTI Organic Natural Cocoa Butter  was chiefly produced for the local market. Nonetheless, international buyers can also patronize the product and become our distributors. 

OTI Organic Natural Cocoa Butter (Cosmetic & Food Grade)