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A skin super-food extracted and prepared from Ghana's premium certified organic shea nuts and natural burututu roots. OTI Burututu Root (Yellow) Raw Grade A Shea Butter is natural with no chemicals or additives and safe for all skin types and hair. Rich in vitamins A, E , F and fatty acids for deep moisture, together with its easy-to-spread consistency, the shea butter on your skin and in your hair, mirrors your own elegance. Additionally, the burututu roots carries it own set of beneficial properties which make it a great complement to the efficacy of the shea butter.

OTI Burututu Root (Yellow) Raw Shea Butter  was made for the indigenous market. Nevertheless, foreign buyers can patronize the product as well and become our distributors. 



OTI Burututu Root (Yellow) Raw Shea Butter

SKU: OTI-YSB111020
400 Grams