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Refined shea butter is a form of shea butter that has been processed to remove impurities and improve its texture and appearance. Our refined (white) shea butter is extracted from the original unrefined shea butter by overheating the butter. OTI does not use chemical agents. We use traditional physical refining methods, such as bleaching or deodorizing. 


Unlike other refined shea butter one can find on the market, our refined shea butter is off-white, and has a smoother texture and a neutral scent.


The process of overheating the unrefined shea butter to obtained the refined shea butter reduces the original properties and some of the natural benefits. Nonetheless, our refined shea butter does not contain traces of chemicals or solvents that can be harmful to the skin or the environment because we do not use chemicals to obtain the final result.


Our monthly supply capacity of refined shea butter is 100 tons.

Refined (White) Shea Butter from Ghana