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OTI at The Turkiye-Ghana Trade Delegation: Pioneering a New Era of Trade

OTI Delegates at Turkey-Ghana Trade Delegation and B2B Meetings
OTI Delegates at Turkey-Ghana Trade Delegation and B2B Meetings

Organic Trade and Investments (OTI), Ghana's first virtual agribusiness and blockchain export trading company, is revolutionizing the agriculture-technology industry through partnerships and innovations. With its primary focus on promoting small-scale holders and manufacturers from Africa, OTI is creating a significant impact on the global trade landscape.

On January 31, 2024, OTI delegates participated in the Turkey-Ghana trade delegation and B2B meetings, marking a significant milestone in fostering international trade relations. This participation underscores OTI’s commitment to enhancing trade opportunities for African manufacturers.

In 2022, Turkey’s exports to Africa stood at a staggering 23.60 billion USD, with 7.9 billion USD worth of goods exported to Sub-Saharan countries. This figure indicates the immense potential and opportunities that lie within the African market.

OTI's CEO at the Turkiye-Ghana Trade Delegation
OTI's CEO at the Turkiye Exporters Assembly

However, the trade balance tilted heavily in favor of Turkey in 2023, with Turkey’s export to Ghana exceeding 200 million USD, while Ghana’s export to Turkey was approximately 100 million USD. This imbalance underscores the need for a more equitable trade relationship between the two nations.

Ghana’s export potential extends beyond its natural resources. The country’s Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are advocating for fair trade and better negotiation of bilateral agreements.

OTI aims to export value-added products, particularly for Turkey’s burgeoning beauty industry.

The Turkiye Exporters Assembly plays a pivotal role in promoting their members and exports for the African market. By facilitating trade opportunities, they are contributing to the growth and development of both Turkish and African economies.

Organic Trade and Investments (OTI)'s CEO explains how the company is pioneering this era of trade:

OTI’s innovative approach, coupled with the proactive role of trading missions, is paving the way for a new era of trade. By promoting small-scale holders and manufacturers from Africa and advocating for fair trade practices, they are not only boosting economic growth but also empowering communities and fostering sustainable development.


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