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OTI Pure Aloe Vera Gel
OTI Pure Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis), the simple and pulpy plant, has a long record of being used for medicinal purposes, dating back to ancient Egypt. Aloe vera is grown in the tropics.

Aloe vera nourishes the body from the inside – it is rich in nutrients, aids in improving digestion, and even boosts immunity.

OTI Aloe vera gel is 100% natural, extracted from the premium aloe vera plant cultivated in Ghana.

Let us learn about the 6 benefits of Aloe Vera gel on your face and skin.

1. Helps to appease sunburn on the face and skin

OTI Aloe Vera gel’s cooling and anti-inflammatory properties are among the most natural remedies for sunburn or burnt skin. Applying the aloe vera gel helps with a protective layer for the skin and retains moisture.

OTI Aloe vera gel derives its boost in the healing process due to its richness in antioxidants and minerals. Using this 100% organic aloe vera gel helps maintain your summer skin and face health.

2. Helps to moisturize / hydrate the skin

Aloe vera gel does not leave a greasy or oily film on your face and skin as compared to other moisturizers on the market. Aloe Vera Gel does just the contrary – it loosens up the pores and softens the skin or face.

Aloe Vera gel helps to keep the skin moisturized and heals burns by razors and smaller nicks & cuts. It also helps treat dry/irritated skin. Aloe vera gel serves as an aftershave treatment gel.

3. Catalyzes wound healing processes

Aloe Vera gel is helpful for burns, cuts, and other injuries. Aloe Vera Gel speeds up the healing of wounds. Aloe Vera Gel is effective especially in the case of superficial and partial thickness degree burns. Aloe Vera Gel elicits a great skin burn treatment. Aloe Vera Gel speeds up skin cell reproduction as much as eight times. Aloe Vera gel penetrates the epidermis faster, i.e., the outer layer of the skin faster than water.

4. Fights skin-aging

Aloe vera has high amounts of Vitamin C and E and beta-carotene. Due to this Aloe Vera gel exhibits anti-aging properties. Aloe vera gel exhibits antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory functions, which help to remove skin blemishes and diminish age lines/wrinkles. In addition, Aloe vera gel helps increase the production of collagen in the body and skin.

5. Reduces infection and acne

Aloe Vera Gel is highly loved by those who suffer from acne. It helps in gentle cleansing, and its antimicrobial properties alleviate pimples without causing any damages to the face. Aloe Vera Gel has antiseptic properties that allow for the protection of the skin and face against bacteria. Aloe Vera gel contains polysaccharides and gibberellins which helps in the production of new cells as well as reducing inflammation and redness. Aloe vera gel works as an astringent that reduces the size of pores, microbes, and dirt on the face and skin.

6. Lightens blemishes on the face

It has been well-explained from the previous points that Aloe Vera gel contains properties to boost skin cell reproduction, reduce redness, and fight skin inflammation. Aloe vera gel is a natural treatment for stretch marks and acne marks.

Bonus Tip: To treat freckles and lighten age spots, add some lemon juice to the gel mixture. This tip serves as one of the perfect remedies for glowing and moisturized skin.

We hope you found these helpful.

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