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Esther Ama Asante, CEO of Organic Trade and Investments
Esther Ama Asante, CEO of Organic Trade and Investments

Last month we sat down with Organic Trade and Investments' CEO; Esther Ama Asante and discussed how her company and her team managed to mitigate the many challenges during COVID-19.

She unveils some of the measures Organic Trade and Investments (OTI) put in place to ensure that the Company takes advantage of the situation to boost sales, to reposition the brand on the local market, as well as to reaffirm and expand their presence in the international market.

- If you had 20 seconds to describe your business, how would you do that?

Organic Trade & Investments is a woman-owned agribusiness, ecommerce and export trading company registered in Ghana with the aim of promoting the use of organic and natural products while supporting small scale farmers and producers who practice sustainable organic farming across Africa with a focus on Ghana in order to protect biodiversity and improve people’s livelihoods.

- Your e-commerce business has grown during COVID-19. How have you managed to do so?

Pre-COVID-19, OTI had already put some measures in place; such as restructuring its internal control system, designing a sustainable operations system, connecting with all key partners (farmers, and small scale manufacturers), building bridges (partnerships with even our competitors), onboarding new skills / talents to help us analyze the day to day data that we have been collecting from our website or social media pages, and also define some of the loopholes in our operations and quickly adopt corrective action plans to mitigate those challenges. We were able to implement our internal emergency response plan way ahead of time (back in December 2019).