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The OTI African Black Soap, a medley of authentic organic ingredients, natural herbs, and oils including; Neem oil, Shea butter, aloe vera gel, and potash all produced from Ghana. The OTI African Black soap is 100% organic, free from palm, and has recognizable antibacterial properties. OTI African black soap is advantageous for all skin textures and does admirable wonders for your hair.

The OTI African Black Soap lathers very fast hence it is one of the best options to prepare your DIY Shampoo.

Let us learn the DIY Black Soap Shampoo.


  1. Medium-sized heating vat

  2. Mixing bowl

  3. Measuring spoon

  4. Wooden stirrer

  5. Grater (plastic or metallic)

  6. Storage bottle with a nozzle application tip

  7. 140grams of OTI African Black Soap

  8. 500ml or 0.5L of Filtered water

  9. 30ml of OTI Coconut oil

  10. 10ml of OTI Pure Honey

  11. 10 drops of Vitamin E

  12. 10ml of OTI Argan Oil


  1. With the use of the grater or a knife, break the OTI African Black Soap into smaller pieces and put them into a mixing bowl.

  2. Heat the filtered water under high heat until it boils

  3. Take your boiled water off the heat and pour the water over the grated OTI Black Soap in the mixing bowl.

  4. With your wooden stirrer, stir it slowly and allow the mixture to sit until it is molten.

  5. Turn on your stove’s heat moderately and heat the mixture for a while. After about 5 minutes, turn off the stove and allow the mixture to cool down.

  6. Put 10 drops of Vitamin E, 30ml of OTI Coconut Oil, 10ml of OTI argan oil, and 10ml of OTI honey into your cool mixture. Once the mixture has reached room temperature, the ingredients added will segregate, so with your wooden stirrer, stir until it mixes well.

  7. With a funnel, pour the mixture into your storage bottle for your personal use.

This will take you not more than an hour to prepare. You can purchase the OTI African Black Soap in bulk from our e-store or our distributor KAB by calling +233 (0)246617495.


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