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Did you know that raw natural unrefined beeswax can help your skin stay healthy? Well, it can!

Beeswax (cera alba) can be confused with bee pollen and honey; all are produced by bees and are similar in their structure. However, beeswax is a unique substance and has several benefits to the human body.

Origin of Beeswax

Beeswax is produced from the glands of honeybees. The wax is produced by young bees and then scraped off their bodies, chewed and mixed with bee saliva as well as other enzymes.

After the bee chews and processes the wax, it attaches it to the honeycomb, where pollen is stored and bees reside. The wax also helps safely store honey produced by the bees, and it can help protect the hive from infections and other unwanted contaminants.

Health benefits of BeesWax on the skin.

Beeswax has non-allergenic properties that can make it useful in protecting the skin from airborne allergens. Beeswax speeds up healing and protects skin. From lip balm to eye-liner, there are many different ways to use beeswax in your skincare regimen. We’ve all heard of beeswax lip balms and chapsticks, but let’s look at some other uses for beeswax.

Beeswax Can Moisturize and Protect the Skin

Beeswax has skin benefits because it's naturally moisturizing, so it's a common ingredient in skin salves and lip balms. The substance locks in moisture and can help keep the skin firm and plump.

Let’s find out four health benefits of beeswax to the skin below.

  1. Beeswax aids in the Softening of Skin

Dry, rough skin may benefit from creams, lotions or soaps that contain beeswax. When added to skincare products, beeswax is good for skin because it acts as an emollient and a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin and sealing it in. Beeswax also contains vitamin A, which is beneficial in softening and rehydrating dry skin and in cell reconstruction.

  1. Beeswax May Be an Especially Good Option for Sensitive Skin

People who have sensitive skin and are prone to allergic reactions may want to choose beeswax over other ingredients: An August 2018 study in the ​Journal of Drugs in Dermatology found that natural skincare products, including beeswax, were far superior for the management of sensitive skin than products with synthetic ingredients.

  1. Beeswax May Help Soothe Common Skin Issues

People with common skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis have found relief with help from beeswax. An older January 2005 study in Archives of Medical Research​ revealed that a mixture of honey, beeswax and olive oil could help calm common skin flare-ups, as well as slow the growth of fungal and bacterial infections.

  1. Beeswax Heals Skin

Beeswax has many healing properties. The anti-inflammatory properties of beeswax encourage the healing of wounds. It is also protective, helping form a barrier between the skin and the environment without clogging pores. Further, beeswax is high in vitamin A, which has been found to support cell reconstruction and health.

Using OTI 100% raw natural unrefined beeswax, straight from the hive, you can produce your own customized beeswax skin care products.


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