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Organic Moringa seeds and leaves

This is another post about skincare.

Hold on though, this is not any regular article about another cleanser or chemical-based cream you need to buy (we are all for organic products here).

You’ve probably stumbled upon the word ‘moringa’ also known as 'drumstick' somewhere. Well if you haven’t previously, now you have.

This plant is known for working magic on the skin for centuries.

You definitely should add OTI moringa leaf powder into your skincare routine because you have been missing out on its natural skin-enhancing properties.

Here are 5 unarguable reasons you should get some moringa leaf powder and oil ASAP.

1. Gets rid of acne: Moringa oil and moringa pastes have been known to fight pimples and acne breakouts on the skin for ages. Although it may sound contradictory to use oil to fight oil-related skin problems it is actually effective. As for the leaves, all you need is to apply a paste made from it on your skin and leave it for a while before washing it off. Due to the anti-bacterial nature of moringa, using it frequently will keep your skin free from infections.