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Notable for its properties to moisten the skin, Organic Ivory Shea butter is a vital ingredient in body creams, lip balms, and sometimes cosmetics due to its quality to eliminate elastosis. OTI 100% Organic Ivory Shea butter is fortified with skin-nourishing minerals like vitamin A, E, oleic, stearic, and linoleic acid that serves as a skin repairer, moisturizer, and rejuvenator.

Here’s how OTI 100% Organic Shea Butter can be used in diverse ways to attain healthy and glowing skin.

1. OTI Shea Butter can erase or fade stretch marks

Due to the high moisturizing and elastic nature of The OTI Organic Ivory Shea Butter, can fade away conspicuous stretch marks during and post-pregnancy. Using the OTI 100% Organic Ivory Shea Butter directly on the skin will not eliminate the already existent stretch marks outrightly, but there will be good progress with time and consistency.

2. OTI Shea Butter can soothe rough skin

The application of OTI 100% Organic Shea butter to the elbows, knees, hands, and even the soles of the feet can elicit a skin-softening reaction. The OTI Ivory Shea Butter is subtle and gentle on the skin hence does not give any harsh effects. Apply OTI 100% Organic Ivory Shea Butter on affected areas, cover with cotton socks for a few hours and you will start to see the magic.

3. OTI Shea Butter can serve as an aftershave balm

An Aftershave is any substance applied to the body after shaving. Shaving often makes the skin dry, hence the need for a moisturizer to soothe the skin. To achieve its maximum effect, rub a generous amount of OTI 100% Organic Ivory Shea Butter on your arms, beard, legs, or any shaved part of your body to make the skin smooth and fresh. The Pure and Authentic 100% Organic Ivory Shea butter is safe and ideal to apply on freshly shaved skin. I bet you would love it.

4. OTI Shea Butter can soothe rashes away

OTI 100% Organic Ivory Shea butter can be effectively used to alleviate diaper rash or even heat rash after consistent application. Apply a reasonable amount of OTI Organic Ivory Shea Butter on the chafed or irritated skin area for instant and gentle relief from any burning sensation. OTI Ivory Shea Butter leaves the skin smooth and moisturized.

There are several women’s cooperatives all over West Africa working to produce organic shea butter – the U.N.notes that organic shea butter provides a source of employment and income to many women. Ensure to purchase your Organic Shea Butter from Organic Trade and Investments, an export trading e-commerce company helping women in Ghana to speed up the agribusiness value chain.


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