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Do you enjoy lavishing your body with rich natural oils that have numerous uses and multiple benefits?

If so, you will love Shea nut oil! With a shelf life of 3 years, Shea Nut Oil purchase offers excellent value for money.

OTI Organic Shea Nut Oil

Here are 5 top uses of Shea Nut Oil.

Shea nut oil for skin

This super-hydrating oil can be applied to your skin as a moisturizer. As pure organic Shea nut oil is non-comedogenic, you can use the oil as a face or body oil moisturizing agent. It’s also an efficacious emollient, so it can be particularly effective for very dry skin on elbows, feet, and knees.

Shea nut oil for hair

If your locks are looking a little parched, a treatment including Shea nut oil could help rejuvenate your distressed mane. Consider using organic Shea nut oil as a pre-shampoo (often referred to as a pre-poo.) Shampooing can strip moisture from your hair, so a dose of the oil before you wash adds a protective layer to your tresses.

Apply Shea nut oil on damp/wet hair. Massage it on your scalp and wrap your hair in a hot towel about 20 minutes before washing your hair. You can also apply a few drops of Shea nut oil on your hair before styling. Furthermore, you can add some drops of Shea nut oil into your conditioning mix for a better hair experience.

Organic Shea Nut Oil

Shea Nut Oil for Nail Conditioning Treatment

Look out for Shea nut oil in the ingredients list for your cuticle and nail treatments. Shea nut oil can be an effective way to soothe dry and fragile cuticles. Or maybe make your own Shea-infused nail oil.

Rub all natural Shea nut oil on your cuticles and nail beds for about 15 to 20 minutes before you do manicure or pedicure. This will nourish them and keep your nails strong while you buff, file, and paint. Shea nut oil strengthens your nails and heals damaged nail beds and cuticles.

Shea Nut Oil as a Carrier Oil for Essential Oil Blends

Olive oil is commonly used to dilute essential oils before use. But it’s been proven that Shea nut oil could also be a great alternative, as it doesn't have an irritating scent. You could try using OTI Organic Shea nut oil when making a simple lavender oil.

Organic Shea nut oil benefits for skin and hair

Shea nut oil is a pure organic lightweight oil that is naturally high in fatty acids. This makes it an ideal cosmetic ingredient for softening dry hair and as an all-over moisturizer for the skin. In a nutshell, if you feel that Shea butter is too heavy for you, the lighter texture of the oil version makes it definitely worth a try.

Make your order for organic Shea oil online for your DIY Shea nut oil infused products.


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