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What Are The Top 3 Uses of Natural Beeswax

In previous blog posts consecrated to Beeswax, we discovered that natural beeswax has many beauty and therapeutic properties.

In today's blog post, we will emphasize the top 3 uses of natural beeswax from its culinary usage to a must-have lubricant and an excellent natural ingredient in cosmetic products.

1. Beeswax use in the Kitchen

It is said that the use of natural beeswax in the kitchen for cooking is a novelty we all should assume at least once in our lives. It can be used for frying, added to pastries for baking, greasing cooking sheets, coating of baking irons/pots, and for DIY beeswax wraps.

The use of beeswax wraps will greatly cut down on the use of aluminum foil and cling film, helping to cut down the excess use of plastic in most households promoting zero-waste or low-waste. There is a lot to love about beeswax wraps because it’s good for humanity and the planet

2. Natural Lubricant/Polish for Furniture

It is very natural for wooden surfaces and objects to get stuck especially in humid seasons. This situation can be frustrating sometimes and one best and quick solution to solve such problems is to rub a bit of beeswax on the difficult areas and then slide them back and forth to ease the tension around such spots.

This method can be used on doors, drawers, and windows. Also, to give a shiny and new look to furniture, beeswax can be used to polish the surface.

3. Beeswax for Homemade Cosmetics

Beeswax is an active ingredient and used in a variety of cosmetics, ranging from lipstick to nail polishes and in skincare products, from hair conditioners to healing salves.

Beeswax increases the thickness of oil (lipids), which gives refined texture and structure to beauty products. It also has the special ability to stiffen but not harden the product – ensuring flexibility of body butter and creams.

Most DIY cosmetics use beeswax for various purposes because of its versatility. In most cases, if the choice is given, be sure to use organic products and support their practices and makings.


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