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For generations and beyond a particular crop, a cereal has sustained the lives and enhanced the health of the indigenous people of West Africa. This cereal, then in every home but now an alien to many has survived the hostility of the Northern Regional lands and unforgiving temperatures in Ghana, West Africa. Unfortunately, little is said about this hero, this culture, our heritage.

Fonio, popularly called, is a special but rare cereal typically cultivated in Western Africa. In Ghana, this nutrient-packed crop is the birthright of the Northerners. The crop thrives well amidst the unfriendly environment in the North with little water to sustain it. However, there is a secret to its preferred cultivation. It is believed that Fonio can sustain one’s dietary requirement for as long as three (3) days. Though now scientifically proven, it is also believed that the crop is imbibed with essential nutritional elements that boost one’s immune system and promote growth.

The Superfood, Fonio deserves some good publicity and that is why Organic Trade and Investments has decided to have a separate Instagram page for Authentic Premium Quality OTI Gluten-Free Fonio. This page seeks to educate the general public about the health benefits of Fonio, recipes of Fonio, nutritional facts, and other exciting news about Fonio.

The good news about this is that the platform is open to everyone and all you need to do is to follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletters.

Organic Trade and Investments is the only Ghanaian company in Ghana that produces Authentic Premium Quality Gluten-Free Fonio in Ghana and also for exports.

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