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Organic Trade and Investments expresses joy and shows excitement to one of its cherished customers, Decokraft, upon receiving confirmation on the client's company’s nomination for the Artisanal Value Addition Company of the Year at the 2nd Ghana Cocoa Awards.

Ms. Josephine Ekuwa Saighoe, Communications Assistant for Organic Trade & Investments, reacts to the news; “at Organic Trade & Investments, we boast a blue-chip clientele in the culinary, chocolate, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, and take pride in the role we play in their success stories.”

DecoKraft, who become a client of the Company in 2020, specializes in the production of handmade chocolates, with the locally manufactured natural cocoa butter sourced from Organic Trade & Investments, being one of the key ingredients. Since its inception in 2015, DecoKraft has given the public, reasons to patronize healthy locally made chocolates.

Organic Trade & Investments’ Managing Director, Ms. Esthy Asante, also commended DecoKraft:

“DecoKraft has set the standard for innovation and creativity in the confectionary industry under the leadership of Ms. Akua Obenewaa Donkor and the nomination of her company at the 2020 Ghana Cocoa Awards is a testament to the skill, originality and vision of DecoKraft.”

Akua Obenewaa Donkor - DecoKraft's CEO
Akua Obenewaa Donkor - DecoKraft's CEO

Organic Trade & Investments produces and exports organic products made from Africa. It has the vision to encourage consumers to buy organically grown and produced products and to make choices that will improve their health and protect the environment.

Commenting on Organic Trade and Investments' business model, Ms. Akua Obenewaa Donkor, the CEO of DecoKraft says:

"I admire [Organic Trade and Investments]'s customer service. This is a good way of keeping us with you for a long time."

Esthy encourages other women-owned businesses to come together and elevate each other for the betterment of their businesses and facilitating social development.

There are foreseeable plans for DecoKraft and Organic Trade and Investments to extend their collaboration and establishing a lifelong partnership.


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