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AlataGold Aloe Soap

Norwalk Soap, one of Organic Trade & Investments’ esteemed clients has launched their new unique product, AlataGold Aloe. AlataGold Aloe (soap) is the latest blend in the AlataGold range of products. This product is made with top-notch natural organic elements and incorporates the healing and soothing natural raw aloe vera gel sourced from Organic Trade & Investments, as its main ingredient.

Esther Ama Asante, CEO of Organic Trade & Investments expressed, “Organic Trade & Investments boasts a successful production of a wide range of premium organic and natural raw materials for cosmetic formulations by skincare companies like Norwalk Soap. Organic Trade & Investments is synonymous with trust and quality because we work hard to deliver high grade and authentic organic natural raw materials to exceed our clients’ expectations. We are pleased to be able to provide our high-quality aloe vera gel.”

Natural Raw Aloe Vera Gel
Natural Raw Aloe Vera Gel

Organic Trade & Investments has thrived over the years to become one of the largest leading producers and suppliers of natural raw materials to various companies. In view of this, the company is committed to supporting small scale manufacturers and African brand start-ups to be superior in their productions by supplying them with the best natural produced raw materials at competitive prices.

Norwalk Soap aims to put quality personal care products from Africa on the international front through both artisanal and innovative methods. As a serious brand from West Africa, the co-founders of Norwalk Soap were eager to partner with a supplier they can rely on at all times.

“When sourcing for raw materials for our products, we ensure the best and authentic ones are acquired; this is why Organic Trade & Investments is one of our trusted partners,” Mr. Ekow Archer, Managing Director of Norwalk Soap explained.

The Alata Samina also known as the African Black Soap has a longstanding African heritage – it was crafted years ago by West African women traders. Two friends, Ato Micah and Ekow Archer decided to build on this achievement and therefore to establish Norwalk Soap Company LLC (located at 7 Neem Close, Lashibi) to transform Alata Samina into a global brand. They have since then launched a variety of their soaps blending natural ingredients such as shea butter, citrus, honey, and recently aloe vera gel.

“AlataGold Aloe was launched in November and has been well received by customers. The warm reception of the product by our customers will further extend our partnership with Organic Trade & Investments because of the authenticity of their natural raw aloe vera gel, which is the key component of the product, said Mr. Micah, one of the Co-Founders.

Moreover, Norwalk Soap has established an environment where employees can deliver what the customer wants because it believes that client satisfaction is key. Since its launch, AlataGold Aloe has garnered a lot of positive reviews from users:

Since its inception as one of the leading eCommerce businesses in Africa, Organic Trade & Investments has integrated new algorithms in its online platform to better understand customers’ behaviors and therefore to improve on their shopping experience. In the wake of the pandemic, many people are now discovering online shopping. Ghana is one of the markets where buyers were at first reluctant to online shopping. Nonetheless, this trend is fast changing and some of the clients are enjoying the new experience, as it was apparently the case for the team of Norwalk Soap.

“We procured the natural aloe vera gel using the Organic Trade & Investment e-Commerce platform and found it easy to navigate. It has a good balance between an automated process and offering options to transact. We like that we can make payment via wire transfer, said Mr. Ato Micah, Co-founder of Norwalk Soap.

According to Ellen Wilson, the Head of Sales for Organic Trade & Investments, “at the time Norwalk Soap were putting in their order, we were still working on our online payment system.” Since then, The company offers varied flexible payment options by wire transfer and online payment solutions, notably, Paystack and DPO. Wilson encourages customers to partner with the right suppliers to establish a sustainable brand in their respective markets:

“We urge small scale manufacturers and start-ups to use authentic natural raw materials for the production of their finished products and more importantly, partner with a company like Organic Trade & Investments because we continue to raise the bar and take the lead in churning out cutting-edge natural raw materials,” said, Ellen Wilson, Head of Sales.

AlataGold Aloe can be purchased online via e-store and is also available in all Melcom, Ernest Chemists, All Needs and Palace Supermarket stores across Ghana as well as many other independent vendors


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