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Shito (pronounced Shee-tor) is simply one of the best Ghanaian hot pepper sauces you can ever taste. You can eat shito with Fonio Pilaf, Fonio Jollof, or your favorite dishes. You probably don’t want to limit yourself with Ghanaian dishes but you can add shito to Chinese foods, Caribbean food, or any food you can think of.

As usual, get yourself some chilled sobolo, and let’s dive into this recipe.


  • 200g Onions, 100g Garlic and 150g Ginger

  • Chilli pepper

  • Salt to taste

  • Natural Spices (Cloves, Curry Powder, rosemary, and anise seeds)

  • OTI Organic Coconut Oil

  • ½ cup of Tomato paste

  • ½ cup of Shredded dried mushroom (Depends on how you want it)

  • Blender, Medium-sized Glass jar, Ladle, Medium-sized cooking pot, and a teaspoon


  • Heat the medium-sized cooking pot and pour in a reasonable volume of the OTI Organic Coconut Oil.

  • After heating the OTI Coconut Oil, pour the ½ cup Tomato paste and cook for 5mins till it fries completely. Keep the pot at medium heat.

  • Blend the 200g onions, 100g garlic, 150g ginger, and your preferred quantity of chili pepper, depending on how hot you want your vegan shito. Use a small quantity of water so that the shito can cook faster.

  • Pour the blended mixture into the fried tomato paste in the pot and lower the heat to medium heat. Cook at medium heat for about 15 to 20mins, stirring intermittently so it doesn’t burn.

  • After it is well cooked, add your natural spices (you can blend them if you want) and stir till mixed completely.

  • Add your shredded dried mushroom and stir until it’s mixed. Cook at low heat for about 15minutes covered, stirring occasionally.

  • After 15mins, take off the cover and let the shito cook for an extra 10mins without the lid covering it.. When you take the lid off, it reduces the shito and allows it to be drier and crispy.


  • Remove the cooking pot and allow it cool.

  • Fill your jars with the cool Vegan Shito but not to the brim.

  • Pour some extra OTI Organic Coconut Oil on the shito. This is done to preserve the sauce.

  • Cover the jars and store your sumptuous shito in your fridge.

Note: This vegan shito is not meant to look as black as the normal non-vegan shito. This shouldn't be overcooked else it might have a bitter taste.

Well-cooked shito can last over 3 months when properly stored. You can use this shito to season your meals or serve as a condiment. Enjoy!


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