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Banana and cocoa powder smoothie

Imagine taking a snack break on a sunny day and slurping down a healthy cup of organic smoothie.

Now imagine adding some cocoa powder to your smoothie to enhance the taste and nutritive value...absolute bliss!

Research suggests consuming cocoa powder can increase your body's anti-inflammatory response, and reduce the risk of stroke and cardiac-related diseases.

Before you jump to a conclusion that cocoa powder cannot be added to smoothies, maybe you would change your mind after trying out these five smoothie ideas.

All you need is to grab your choice of smoothie ingredients and your stock of organic cocoa powder from Organic Trade and Investments.

Recipe 1

2-3 teaspoons OTI Cocoa Powder| Banana | Hemp seed | Chia Seed | Milk (Optional) | Water | Curd | Cinnamon | Dried cranberry|

The blend of these makes our mouths water already.

Recipe 2

1 large frozen or fresh Banana, chopped | 2-3 teaspoons OTI Cocoa Powder | 3/4 cup Milk | 1 Ice Cube | 1/2 tablespoon Honey or Sugar

Since chocolate and banana are famous for their protein content, being paired with the vitamins and calcium-rich milk is a source of a healthy dose of nutrients while soothing your taste buds.

Recipe 3

2-3 teaspoons of OTI Cocoa Powder | Avocado | Soy milk | Apple | Pineapple | Pear

This mixture is nice in a healthily sweet way.

Recipe 4

2-3 teaspoons of OTI Cocoa Powder | Spinach | Banana | Coconut milk| Coconut water | Peppermint |

The dark, gloomy look and feel to this particular cocoa powder smoothie is a weirdly delicious way.

Recipe 5

2 frozen ripe bananas (Chopped prior to freezing) | 1Tbspflaxseed meal | 2-3 teaspoons of OTI Cocoa Powder | 1/3cupfrozen strawberries | 2 tablespoons of salted almond butter | 1.5-2cups of unsweetened vanilla almond milk | 1 dash stevia or agave nectar | 1 big handful of spinach | 1/3 cup ice


Place all ingredients in each recipe in a blender and blend until smooth.

Based on your preference, add more or less cocoa powder. As a rule of thumb, if you prefer your smoothie thinner, add less ice.


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