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OTI 100% Organic Coconut Oil has an SPF range of 2 - 8 which isn’t enough for a long duration in the hot sun, lets learn a simple DIY sunscreen that would last long.

This DIY recipe contains ingredients that are not artificial with the exception of zinc oxide, which is non-synthetic. Mercantile sunscreens employ chemical filters that move into the bloodstream and can cause toxicity or endocrine system interruption.

This is an easy-to-do recipe you should attempt to prepare just so you protect your skin this summer.


  1. OTI Organic Coconut Oil

  2. Non-synthetic Zinc Oxide

  3. OTI Organic Avocado Oil

  4. Medium Mixer

  5. Airtight container

Organic Coconut Oil is an efficacious natural sunscreen, but it exceeds expectations when fused with other natural ingredients.

The red raspberry seed oil has a high estimated SPF value of 25. Raspberry seed oil heals inflamed and damaged skin by catalyzing healthy skin cell formation.

The Non-synthetic Zinc oxide is known for its efficacy to protect the skin from UV rays. Non-synthetic Zinc Oxide is one of the rare minerals approved by the EWG as a secure and efficacious ingredient in DIY sunscreens.

Organic Avocado oil has an SPF range of 4 – 10 as well. Organic Avocado oil alone does not elicit good sun protection but in conjunction with other ingredients. Organic Avocado oil can heal damaged skin due to its level of PFA (polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols).


  1. Carefully whip OTI Coconut Oil in a medium mixer for about 2 minutes.

  2. Add the non-synthetic Zinc oxide, raspberry seed oil, and Organic Avocado oil slowly.

  3. Whip till completely mixed

  4. Pour mixture into a clean airtight container.

This recipe is easy and quick to prepare. Let us know in the comments if this recipe helped you.

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