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Organic and Authentic Coconut oil has numerous benefits ranging from food to body and hair care. We learned a few weeks ago about how to minimize dandruff using Coconut oil and other OTI products. There is another recipe on our site for your homemade body butter for radiant skin. These and many more contents concerning coconut oil can be found on our blog.

From our topic, we will be learning what we can use OTI Coconut oil for regarding our hair:

1. OTI Coconut Oil can be used to treat damaged hair

If you have tried all your broken and dry hair options, you should try Pure Organic OTI Coconut oil. You’d be amazed to know that having broken hair is not the final day. Organic Coconut oil is perfect for treating and healing broken or damaged hair. With OTI Coconut Oil, there is more hope for your precious hair! You can use our OTI Black Soap to wash your hair for good results.

2. OTI Coconut Oil can be used to coat hair during swimming

Are you having or planning on going to the pool or beach with your friends but not sure what your hair will look like after swimming? Say no more! Using OTI Organic Coconut oil on your hair will guard and protect your hair against chlorine and saltwater. All you need to do is to rub a reasonable amount of coconut oil in your hair and then use a comb to distribute it equally.

3. OTI Coconut oil can be used to reduce frizziness

You definitely should consider coconut oil in your hairstyling routine because coconut oil is a beneficial multipurpose oil. You might be a lover of wavy hair but not the frizzy fly-overs, I believe so. This is how you do it. Rub a few drops of OTI Coconut oil between your palm and apply to towel-dried hair – the result you get is amazing. Now, your shiny hair strands are protected from frizz!

We hope these help and let us know what you think in the comments. You should make your purchase for your preferred organic product from our e-store.


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