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Global Africa Trade & Investments Introduces Organic Trade & Investments

Organic Trade & Investments Official Logo

On July 2017, Global Africa Trade & Investments (GATI) introduced one of its subsidiaries under the company's name Organic Trade & Investments (OTI).

OTI is an electronic retailing store (e-tailing) of pharmaceutical and medical goods, cosmetic and toilet articles.

As part of GATI's aim to promote indigenous commodities from the Mediterranean region and West Africa, Organic Trade & Investments is committed to selling 100% organic products made by the indigenous people of the land.

"Our range of natural herbs and 100% unrefined, and semi-refined products are very much patronized by pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies worldwide," GATI's Managing Director Ms. Esther Asante (Esthy) explained.

Organic Hibiscus Dry Flower Organic Trade & Investments

The herbs are cultivated the traditional way and are carefully handpicked from various farms throughout the region. OTI's selected herbs are ideal for biomedical purposes.

There are more than 100 articles on sale, from organic edible consumables (such as cereals; wheat, fonio, etc.), unrefined fats and pure essential oils to spices, aromatic plants, gum copal, plant sweeteners, dyes, and insecticides.

The company has a big market and currently exports to Egypt, United State of America, Asia, and Europe.

4th Ghana eCommerce Expo

Organic Trade & Investments will officially be launched at the International Conference Center at the 4th Ghana eCommerce Expo, from 23-24 November 2017.

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