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We learned some great lessons on using cocoa butter as hair food. Did you try it out? How was the experience?

Cocoa butter is known to be a great moisturizer or emollient. It's mostly applied as a sun balm.

Cocoa butter is also used to try to fade away dark marks or hyperpigmentation on the skin left behind after acne breaks out. But is cocoa butter effective at fading?

Cocoa butter is one of the best options to help you achieve radiant and shiny skin. Isn’t that amazing?

Let’s learn how to use OTI Cocoa Butter to remove dark spots.

  1. Take out a generous amount of OTI cocoa butter and place it in your hands. Smear the cocoa butter on the affected areas.

  2. Apply the butter on only the affected body part.

  3. Massage the butter throughout the pigmented area.

  4. After some time, apply your preferred cleanser to clean your skin.

  5. Repeat these steps regularly and wait for results within 2 weeks. Let your skin feel the power of the OTI Cocoa butter.

OTI Cocoa butter will drive the hell out of the dark spots left after acne starts fading away.


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