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OTI packaged organic cocoa butter

Cocoa Butter also referred to as “the food of the Gods” by the Mayans is a triglyceride. They were the first ones to cultivate the cocoa tree which was called Xocoatl.

Records show that the earliest cocoa tree came into existence before 1000 B.C. It was initially used by South American Indians. Aztec and Mayan civilizations are purported to be the highest users of chocolate.

This is a type of fat that’s naturally found in cocoa beans and other sources.

This butter is simply edible vegetable fat found in cocoa beans. This gives it a mild chocolate flavour or aroma.

To obtain the butter, cocoa beans are fermented, dried, roasted, stripped and pressed.

The pure cocoa butter that is available for sale at Organic Trade and Investments does not contain any ingredients that are likely to cause problems in most people. However, there are two types: the Pure Organic Cocoa Butter and the Cosmetic and Food Grade.

Cocoa butter can be used in several recipes and desserts such as chocolate bars, chocolate brownies and chocolate cake, yet, this ingredient is very useful in organic cosmetics and beauty products.

It helps rejuvenate the skin and hair thus its famous use.

OTI organic natural cocoa butter is extracted from high-quality cocoa beans nurtured in the high-yielding soils of Ghana – a global exporter of cocoa.

Cocoa butter is also beneficial for many health issues, such as liver disease symptoms, high cholesterol, weak bone health, cardiac issues etc…

Below are some ways to incorporate cocoa butter into your diet.

In chocolate chip cookie recipes.

Use as a substitute for gelatin.

Vegan dessert recipes.

Chocolate bars and truffles.

Here are some ways cocoa butter may save your health.

Reduced Cholesterol Levels

A number of heart diseases are caused by high cholesterol levels. is a risk factor for conditions like heart disease. Cocoa butter can reduce your chances of having a heart attack as it contains stearic acid, which the liver converts into a monounsaturated fat called oleic acid.

An article by Margaret A Allman-Farinelli, Kerry Gomes,

et al highlighted that “Substitution of foods rich in saturated fat with foods rich in high-oleic-acid sunflower oil and margarine has favourable outcomes on blood lipids and factor VIIc. This oil presents another useful source of MUFA for diets aimed at prevention of heart disease”. This implies that acid lowers levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol and boosts levels of good (HDL) cholesterol thus, preventing heart attack and other associated symptoms.

Declines or Eradicates Liver Disease Symptoms

Some forms of liver disease are caused by a choline deficiency. Finding by Fischer LM, daCosta K, Kwock L, et al indicate that When humans eat diets low in choline, fatty liver is one of the earliest adverse events, and in some people, significant hepatic damage occurs (as assessed by release of hepatic enzymes into the blood)

Since cocoa butter contains a good amount of choline, it can reduce the risk or manage symptoms of liver disease.

Improves Insulin Resistance

The ingestion of cocoa products has been shown to reduce insulin resistance. This is a metabolic condition where cells become less sensitive to the blood sugar-lowering effects of insulin. According to a paper written by Scapagnini G, Davinelli S, Di Renzo L, et alThe antioxidant effects of the cocoa components may influence insulin resistance, reduce the risk for diabetes or stimulate redox-sensitive signalling pathways involved in the gene expression of endogenous antioxidant defences”.

Insulin resistance is the cause of conditions such as prediabetes, diabetes, heart disease and some skin diseases.

Improved Bone Health

There are some amounts of vitamin K that is found in cocoa butter. Vitamin K helps your body build and maintain bones.

Heart-Friendly in Certain Forms

According to the medical website, Healthline, “regularly consuming polyphenols is thought to boost digestion and brain health, as well as protect against heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even certain cancers”.

Polyphenol, a substance found in cocoa is beneficial to the heart. Research says cocoa butter may reduce some risk factors for heart disease by lowering blood pressure and improving the health of the blood vessels.


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