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BackToEden Sales Officer Holding OTI Gluten-Free Fonio Flour with a loaf of Fonio Bread in a Box
BackToEden Sales Officer Holding OTI Gluten-Free Fonio Flour with a loaf of Fonio Bread in a Box

Fonio, one of the many types of grains and pseudocereals belonging to a group of scarce crops conventionally termed as lost grains. This particular crop, Fonio, has origins in West Africa, typically Ghana.

It is cultivated for its superior nutritional profile and lack of gluten, making it not only an attractive ingredient for baking, especially for bread and snacks but also a perfect regimen for diabetics.

Cakes, cookies, and other pastries have also been reported to have been successfully made with Fonio with the uniqueness of taste and convincing bite. For example, cookies were made with Fonio, sorghum, and pearl millet flour. It can also be incorporated into breakfast cereals, pasta, pancakes, and crackers.

This healthy recipe is brought to you by one of our avid distributors, Back to Eden Healthy Foods.

Let us dive into this lip-smacking gluten-free fonio bread/loaf recipe.


  1. Organic OTI Fonio Flour - 1cup

  2. Baking Powder - 1tsp

  3. Nutmeg - 1/8 tsp

  4. Salt - 1/8 or a pinch

  5. Eggs – 6

  6. Butter 25g

  7. Organic OTI Honey /Date (any healthy sweetener of choice)

  8. Yogurt/milk - 1/4 cup

  9. Vanilla Essence 1tsp


  • Mix all dry ingredients (OTI Fonio Flour, Baking powder, Nutmeg, and Salt) together in a medium-sized mixing bowl.

  • Crack 6 eggs open into a separate bowl, add the 25g of butter to the eggs and mix with a portable hand mixer or whisk till they mix completely.

  • Add your preferred sweetener, OTI Honey or Date, to the wet mixture in step 2. Add your ¼ cup of yogurt or milk then add your vanilla essence.

  • Ensure you mix the wet ingredients properly until you obtain a smooth mixture.

  • Add the mixed wet ingredients to the mixed dry ingredients.

  • Mix all together thoroughly

  • Pour into a baking pan and shape as preferred

  • Preheat oven for 15 minutes

  • Bake for 30 minutes under low heat

Cooking Time: 45 minutes

Order your already baked gluten-free fonio loaf/bread made with OTI Gluten-Free White Fonio Flour at BackToEden Healthy Foods.

This is a healthy recipe for Diabetics, Vegans, those working on losing weight, and the general public. We will be having this recipe showcased during the OTI Fonio Webinar in December 2021.


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