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You've probably heard of borututu (yellow) raw shea butter and ivory raw shea butter. However, you are wondering what could distinguish these two unrefined shea butter from each other. Well, while the two types of semi-finished raw products are extracted from shea nuts, they differ in the process aspect.

First and foremost, it's important to know that most yellow shea butter on the market is not necessarily made from borututu roots. Because of the costly price of the medical plant, some processors of shea butter may substitute borututu roots for palm oil. To distinguish our authentic unrefined yellow shea butter from that of the market, we decided to name ours by the name of the medical plant we use in the process of obtaining the yellow color of this medicinal shea butter.

Borututu has long been considered a traditional medicine concocted from the African tree Cochlospermum angolense and is known to have hepatic healing properties and a generic cleansing effect. The pills and herbs are made into powerful detox teas and sold in drug stores. Laboratory tests have proven that the borututu bark contains properties that can fight rodent malaria parasites.

In Ghana, the plant can be found in the Northern part of the country. Locally known as paajawu in, Borututu bark is added to shea butter during the boiling process to obtain a vibrant yellow coloring. This process alters the health benefits of the shea butter.

A quick clarification of both Shea butter variations – The difference is not that the yellow has been bleached or dyed by artificial means but rather, by the addition of the ever-potent Borututu root. The antibacterial Borututu root is infused in the ivory shea butter.../...

While OTI unrefined ivory shea butter can be used in food (depending on the percentage rate of the free fatty content), OTI Borututu shea butter is an essential ingredient for cosmetic products and an excellent ointment for skin disease treatment when used in its raw form.

OTI borututu (yellow) shea butter is either sold in bulk for the manufacturing industry or in small pouches for individual use.


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