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It is important to guard the skin against the sun's harsh rays, regardless of the season or weather. You can attain glowing and super healthy skin with natural and organic sunscreen.

All sunscreen oils have a Sun Protection Factor (SPF), which measures the oil’s ability to protect the skin from the treacherous rays of the sun. Adults regardless of age or color should use oil during all outdoor events. Children who are over 6 months old should use an oil with the least SPF.

We will discuss the SPFs of these OTI 100% Organic Oil and its effectiveness as a sunscreen.

OTI Coconut oil: This natural SPF oil has an SPF range of 2-8. OTI coconut oil contains many antioxidants that protect the skin from dangerous radiation from the sun as a natural effective sunscreen. Preferably, organic coconut oil should be applied at regular intervals during a long day of sun exposure, due to its low SPF amount.

OTI Avocado oil: Avocado oil has the highest natural SPF. It ranges from 4-10. Avocado oil contains a lot of beneficial fatty acids like linoleic acid and oleic acid, and a very substantial amount of natural healthy vitamins. Due to its elevated palmitic acid amount, avocado oil is easily absorbed into the skin, keeping it firm, smooth and shiny. Avocado oil leaves a thin, protective layer on the skin after application and that guards the skin against external influences.

OTI Shea oil: Shea oil has a natural SPF range of about 6-10. You can prepare your DIY sunscreen by adding oils like coconut oil or carrot seed oil. Apply the natural and organic sunscreen a few minutes before you step out. Make sure to reapply regularly depending on what is being done and what activity you are engaging in.

OTI Jojoba oil: Jojoba oil is a well-known ingredient in some natural DIY sunscreen products. It has an SPF range of 2-8. One study by PubMed suggests that vitamin E can guard your skin against sun damage when added to other antioxidants. Jojoba oil contains both Vitamin E and antioxidants. Sun damage can dry out your skin and cause flaking. Jojoba oil replaces vitamin E, adds moisture to the skin, and promotes healing to curb these sunburn symptoms.

The skin is the largest organ of the body hence much care should be taken to help preserve your skin. If sunscreen oil isn't inculcated in your body-care routine, it's time to revise your lineup. This doesn’t mean throwing away your creams and lotions—I'm suggesting you start to pay attention to your body as you do to your face.


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