OTI African Black Soap - Shea Butter

What do you think will happen to your skin when you are exposed to harsh elements and conditions for long periods of time? It can become damaged, right? OTI African Black Soap is the solution for that – considered as nature’s finest, it is safe for all skin types and can also be used as a shampoo bar to strengthen the hair.

Organic Trade & Investments is all about sourcing the best, most effective organic products for our skin and this is why the product has been made to be a one-stop choice that will enrich your body with the necessary nutrients to keep it flawless and ravishing and give you a feel-good factor, like basking in the nature and lushness of the earth. OTI African Black Soap is the perfect go-to for moisture, cleansing and healing of skin ailments such as acne and eczema.

OTI natural African Black Soap is the ultimate beauty buy you need in your bathroom and unlike the chemical-laden soaps you find on the market, it is handmade from plant-based ingredients which include neem oil, shea butter, aloe vera gel, and potash all sourced from Ghana.

As a palm-oil free product, OTI natural African Black Soap can be included in your daily beauty routine in varying ways to enhance the skin and hair:

  • To use it as an exfoliant, you can simply rub the bar in between your hands and apply it directly on your skin gently. Also, you may consider rubbing it on a soft washcloth. The same method may be employed if you want to use the product as a face wash, except that it should be applied on the face and neck.

  • You can also use OTI African Black Soap as a detox face mask; to do this, dissolve a few small pieces of the soap in hot water and add a teaspoon of honey, and 2 teaspoons of baking soda. Adding a few drops of essential oil will give the mixture a kick, however, OTI natural African Black soap already contains neem tree oil, which is key in promoting a healthy skin. Apply and let it sit on your skin for about 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse off with lukewarm water.

OTI African Black Soap - Aloe Vera Gel Scent
  • OTI natural African black soap can also be used as a shampoo bar to keep your hair healthy and shiny. You can wet the soap, rub it between your palms and rub the lather to your hair slowly till your hair is soaked with it. Massage your scalp for about 3 to 5 minutes then leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse your hair with water to complete the process. Alternatively, you can grate or shave the soap into a jar and add warm water to it. The amount of water to be added depends on how thick or thin you want the shampoo to be. Allow the soap to dissolve then transfer the content into an applicator or spray bottle. Apply the shampoo to your scalp and rinse.

OTI African Black Soap is now available on sale in our eStore and can also be sourced from our authorized distributors.

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