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Made-In-Ghana Artisanal Chocolates: The Ab Ovo Story

The stories of many entrepreneurs usually begin with a sudden realization of a longstanding need they can meet or a talent they have. For Priscilla Brookman-Amissah Impraim, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ab Ovo Confectionery Limited, her passion for chocolate production was inspired by Valentine's Day.

While at work in Germany one day, she “realized how much chocolate was being consumed and how much money was made during that period alone!"

It made me think that Ghana has the best cocoa and yet none of the chocolate brands I was seeing on the shelves were from Ghana!”

“That was when I decided to return to Ghana to try to make a difference,” she recounts.

Ab Ovo Chocolates
Ab Ovo Chocolates

It is this ‘aha moment’ that drove Priscilla to register the company in November 2006 and eventually start full operations in January 2008.

Ab Ovo Confectionery Limited has since cemented its name as one of the producers of top-quality chocolates in Ghana and West Africa. Using natural Ghana's premium quality cocoa beans and organically produced cocoa butter from Organic Trade and Investments (OTI), Priscilla ensures every single confectioned chocolate bar leaves a remarkable taste and exceptional impression with customers.

One of Organic Trade and Investments' aim is to supply the health, cosmetic, and food companies with premium quality and unadulterated semi-finished natural ingredients to help these SMEs build sustainable businesses and trusted brands.

Speaking on her company's partnership with OTI, Ab Ovo Confectionery's CEO noted that “we have been in business with OTI for about a year now and so far it has been good”.

In 2011, the then Secretary of the United States, Her Excellency Hillary Clinton, and the US State Department invited Ms. Brookman-Amissah Impraim to visit the US for the African Women's Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP) Conference and International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP).

Priscilla's sterling initiative and entrepreneurial achievements earned her interviews on the international television station, CNN, and the US Department of State TV channels.

Her journey did not end there.

Priscilla traveled to twenty-two states to visit a few more women's businesses to source motivation and valuable lessons for her business journey.

As the CEO of a growing business, Priscilla takes pride in her company's achievements over the years. According to Priscilla, one of her major achievements so far has been the "ability to wean the company off Cocoa Processing Company (CPC)." She explains that when she first started Ab Ovo Confectionery Limited, her company relied on CPC for the manufacturing of their chocolate "because we did not have that machinery to produce on our own." After a few years and through hard work Priscilla was able to set up a world-class company to "produce and customize chocolates for over 100 bluechip companies in Ghana,” she stated.

In the coming years, the company envisions growing to become the best chocolate manufacturing company in Ghana and West Africa. Despite the challenges that have come her way, Priscilla’s zeal remains unbending.

“I have no regrets whatsoever in starting this business. The challenges are surmountable.
Nonetheless, the journey has not been a breezy walk in the park. In her words, the journey has been fruitful, albeit tortuous! There are challenges in every job adventure and the commitment to stay on course is what will pay off in the end.”

Ab Ovo Confectionery Limited Company is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals by giving back to the society that is making the company profitable.

Ab Ovo's chocolate products are available for purchase in shopping centers across Ghana including Melcom and Palace Mall.

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