The Calabash Nutmeg we have in store is sourced mainly from Ghana, Nigeria and other West African Countries. Also known as “Ehuru” seeds or African Nutmeg, the calabash nutmeg has an aromatic taste and fragrance that makes it stand out in the dishes you can use it for. It is advisable to use a small amount at a time so it doesn’t overpower all other similar spices. It has aphrodisiac and curative properties and is rich in nutrients such as Copper, Potassium, Iron and Zinc.

Calabash nutmeg

    • Compounds like elemicin in the nutmeg enables it to act as a stimulant on the brain.
    • The seeds when combined with piper piper guineese ‘Uziza” (aka Ashanti/Benin pepper) to make soup for newborn mothers, fosters an easy control of the uterine hemorrhage.
    • Its stem back is used for treating hemorrhoids.