Black pepper is one of the most notable traded spices in the world. It contains nutrients like Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin C and Copper. The presence of chemical piperine in our black pepper gives it a wave of spiciness which adds flavor to dishes. Your dishes receive a boost for that special occasion, even the worst of dish is saved when a dash of our spicy and delicious black pepper is added (preferably in its dried and powdered form). You should however add it after your food is cooked, so as to prevent diminishing of the natural flavor of the oils in the black pepper.

Natural Black Pepper from Ghana (25 kilos)

    • Consumption of black pepper prevents intestinal gas and indigestion.
    • Assists in the breakdown of fat cells thus causing a natural weight shed.
    • Its antimicrobial properties makes it an ingredient for the treatment of cough and cold.
    • Used to preserve food.