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From Responsibilities to Innovative Social Impact

Shipping to more than 30 countries and with representative offices in 7 countries and 5 distribution shops in Ghana, Organic Trade & Investments (OTI) is a Ghana based eCommerce, agribusiness export trading company, with the aim of promoting the use of organic and natural products while supporting small scale farmers and producers who practice sustainable organic farming in Ghana and Africa, as a whole, to protect our biodiversity and improve people’s livelihoods.


Conceived in 2015 and registered in August 2017, Organic Trade & Investments is a double award winning Company. OTI received the Best New eCommerce Award (2018) and of The BIZZ Business Excellence Award (2020). The Company promote, sell, and export more than 100 articles - from unrefined fats and pure essential oil to spices, aromatic plants, gum copal, plant sweeteners, dyes, and insecticides.

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