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Tiger nut Milk

Whether in the form of powder, milk or whole, tiger nuts (Arginine) are delicious and healthy.

The sweet and milky taste combined with its high fibre content makes it an excellent meal.

Tiger nuts A.K.A “chufa nuts” or “earth almonds” are small root vegetables (also called tubers).

The thin stripes on their exterior contribute to their name – Tiger nuts.

Tiger nuts have been cultivated over centuries across Egypt and Nigeria to Spanish counties where it is used to make horchata (a creamy drink) since the 18th century.

It contains several nutrients for body development and good health. Tiger nut milk is a healthier substitute for dairy milk.

Scientists say one ounce of plain, raw tiger nuts contains 120 calories, 10 grams of fibre, 9 grams of naturally occurring sugars, tons of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and iron, and 7 grams of fat - most of which is oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat that research shows can help reduce appetite and promote weight loss.

In view of this, here are some five benefits of tiger nuts.

Aids digestion

The fibre-rich nuts make digestion easier as it provides roughage. They are high in insoluble fibre, which easily passes through your gut without being digested. This reduces the likelihood of constipation.

Also, tiger nuts contain enzymes like catalases, lipases and amylases, which help break down foods in your gut, relieving gas, indigestion and diarrhoea.

When fibre is absorbed by your digestive system, it passes through your system and captures toxins, fat, cholesterol particles, waste and expels them from your system.

Reduces blood sugar levels

If you have or are at risk of being diabetic, you definitely need to add tiger nuts to your snack cupboard

Tiger nut helps to regulate blood sugar levels in humans.

The insoluble fibre found in tiger nuts is very beneficial to people suffering from diabetes.Also, it contains natural sugars that can replace unhealthy sugars and sweeteners.

A 2015 study published in the Journal of Pharmacy & Bioallied Sciences examined the effects of Cyperus rotundus which has many similar antioxidant capabilities that the tiger nut has on diabetic mice - the treatment indicated antidiabetic effects.

Helps control blood pressure

Consuming tiger nuts may be what you need to help to control your blood pressure. Tigernuts has been clinically proven to be beneficial to people suffering from high blood pressure. Your body can use minerals in arginine to make nitric oxide, a compound that helps arteries and veins dilate, hence lowering blood pressure

Source of bodybuilding minerals

Tigernuts are a good source of magnesium and calcium - nutrients the body needs. Magnesium helps to improve muscle and nerve functions. It also boosts the immune system while contributing to cardiac health. On the other hand, calcium helps to build strong muscles and bones.

Thus, whether it is consumed in its whole form or as milk, the amazing benefits of magnesium can be obtained. These minerals give you good muscles, stronger teeth and bones.

Enhances fertility

In some medical research, it was discovered that tiger nuts may have an impact on fertility. Tiger nuts are popular for improving sexual performance and fertility in both males and females. They also promote normal menstruation in females.

The results of a study showed tiger nuts improved the sex performance of rats, inferring a possible benefit to human male sexual performance as well. Drinking a serving of tiger nut milk regularly can help you gain these benefits.


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