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How to Use Olive Oil for Hair Care

Pure natural olive oil
Pure natural olive oil

People have used olive oil for hair care for thousands of years, with the motive of adding shine, body, softness, and resilience.

Olive oil’s primary chemical elements are oleic acid, palmitic acid, and squalene. These are all emollients, which means they have softening qualities.

In fact, many shampoos, conditioners, and pomades contain lab-made versions of emollients.

Olive oil adds softness and strengthens hair by penetrating the hair shaft and preserving moisture. The shine said to come from olive oil is due to the oil smoothing the outer cuticle of the hair.

If you’ve never used or you’re looking for other ways to use olive oil to condition your hair, here’s how to start. This is in 3 parts; Measure, Massage, and rinse.

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  • Measure

If you’ve never experimented with olive oil as a hair product before, use just a tablespoon or two for your first treatment.

How much olive oil you should use depends on how deeply you want to moisturize and where. The ends won’t require more than a tablespoon.

If you’re treating your entire head, you’ll need at least 1/4 cup of olive oil — especially if you have long or very thick hair.

  • Massage

Massage the oil deeply into your hair for a few minutes. You can also massage it into your scalp if you have dry scalp.

For the most effective conditioning, wrap your hair in a shower cap and let the oil soak in for 15 minutes or more.

  • Rinse

Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb before you shampoo the oil out. This will make combing and styling afterward easier.

Shampoo rigorously and dry your hair to see results. You might need to shampoo twice, depending on how much you’ve applied.

There’s nothing harmful about conditioning with olive oil. Unless your hair is dry enough to require a moisturizing treatment every day, use it once a week or less often for the best results.

I hope you have learnt something today. Let us know in the comment section.


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