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Organic African Black Soap

African black soaps are unarguably one of the most popular cosmetic products from the continent. This is obviously because of its skin-enhancing properties that have been testified about over the centuries. At Organic Trade and Investments, Black soap remains one of our bestselling products.

Our African Black Soap is 100% organic, free from impurities and has antibacterial properties

It is popular for its numerous benefits on the skin,

This is no surprise as it is made from the combination of the finest selection of organic herbs and oils such as Neem oil, Shea butter, aloe vera gel and potash all produced from Ghana.

If you don't fancy using bar soaps, this article is to teach you how to turn your bars of organic black soap from OTI into smooth silky shower gel.

What You’ll Need

2 oz. OTI African Black Soap

6 oz. water

Small saucepan

Transparent measuring cup

Wire strainer


1 tsp guar gum

1 tsp vegetable glycerin

1 tsp OTI Organic Coconut Oil

10ml of OTI Argan Oil

1 tsp OTI organic shea oil

10 drops essential oil (Based on your preference)

Pump bottle (use #1 or #2 plastic or glass if adding essential oils)

Preparation Process

1. Cut the soap into pieces using a sharp knife and crumble.

2. Add the water to the crumbled soap in the small saucepan.

3. Stir gently over low to medium heat until the soap is dissolved.

4. Carefully strain melted soap into the measuring cup.

5. Let the hot gel cool.

6. Mix in guar gum, glycerin, coconut oil, and essential oils.

7. Pour the mixture immediately into the pump bottle.

8. The shower gel will thicken over time.

The oils will increase the moisturizing benefits of the soap.

The preparation of your shower gel would barely last an hour as the process is simple.

You can purchase your organic needs in bulk from our e-store.


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