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OTI Authentic African Black Soap

The African black soap is made of organic ingredients obtained from parts of West Africa where it is popularly made.

It is mainly used for cleansing the skin and is praised for treating blemishes on the skin such as pimples, acne, oily, eczema etc.

The African Black Soap sold at Organic Trade & Investments is made primarily of organic shea butter, potash, aloe vera gel and neem oil

Each bar is highly effective for whatever purpose it is used for as it is made by the best in the industry who source their all-organic ingredients from indigenous farmers.

Some people recommend the use of this soap for the hair due to its healing properties.

African Black Soap contains Vitamin A that enhances collagen production which improves your skin’s elasticity and fights off ageing. It is also rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory abilities that soften, soothe and repair your skin.

In fact, a study in the Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology Research compared African black soap with medicated soaps. According to the research, Black soap was more effective at removing and reducing certain bacteria than medicated soaps.

The Shea Butter in the soap also has numerous benefits for your skin.

These days, the popularity of African black soap has grown so much that it is being shipped outside Africa to other continents for use in skincare products.

However, the question that has been asked by some people is: Does African Black soap lighten the skin?

Truthfully, there is no clear-cut answer to this as the soap works uniquely on different skin types. It heals the skin and enhances your natural skin tone.

The African black soap may eventually reduce hyperpigmentation but not lighten your skin as some products do. It works for most skin types without destabilizing the balance due to its carefully selected ingredients.

You should know that this natural skin-enhancing soap will not make your skin a few shades lighter as you continue using it; instead, it allows your skin to take a rather natural route towards lightening.

According to a research survey, 45% of people admitted being “very satisfied” and 40% reported being “somewhat satisfied” with the using of black soap for reducing the appearance of dark spots on their skin. This was conducted by Dermatologist Dr. Lin while at William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Drs. Nabatian and Halverstam were also with Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, Division of Dermatology in New York.

If you intend to use black soap for lightening dark spots and areas on your body, you can combine it with other natural skin lightening products for enhanced results.

If you don't need to lighten affected parts of your body, we encourage you to learn to love your natural skin tone.

How to make a mask with African black soap

You can use this for your underarms, thighs and other parts of your body that are discoloured from friction or skin inflammation.

  • Dissolve little chunks of the soap in hot water.

  • Add a teaspoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of honey, and 5 drops of tea tree essential oil.

  • Properly mix it and allow it to cool down. Apply it to your face and desired areas. Leave to dry

  • Subtly massage your face then wash the mask off with water.

  • Wipe your area with a clean towel and apply shea butter or preferred oil to restore moisture.

Alternatively, you can make a shower gel out of our organic African black soap for frequent use.


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