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OTI Pure Aloe Vera Gel for Hair & Skin
OTI Pure Aloe Vera Gel for Hair & Skin

Aloe vera has numerous benefits on the face and skin. These benefits were elaborated on in our previous post.

Now, let’s learn about the benefits of Aloe vera gel on hair.

Aloe vera is a small plant with thick leaves containing a gel-like substance inside of them. Aloe vera is found everywhere around the world.

Aloe vera has been used over the years for its medicinal healing properties.

It is believed that the aloe vera plant has various applications aside from its skin benefits: It strengthens your hair and makes your scalp healthier.

The best mode of application of aloe vera on your hair is to use the gel extracted directly.

The OTI Aloe Vera gel is clear in color, slightly thick and 100% organic.

Without wasting time, let’s delve into the benefits of aloe vera gel on hair.

  • Aloe vera gel calms an itchy scalp

Seborrheic dermatitis; the clinical term for the condition is commonly known as dandruff. The symptoms of an itchy scalp and flaking skin under your hair can be treated with aloe vera gel. A study found that aloe vera gel resolves the scalp inflammation that dandruff causes. The fatty acids, cholesterol, campesterol, β-sisosterol, and lupeol, found in the aloe plant have anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Aloe vera gel deep cleans oily hair

Aloe vera gel cleanses the hair shaft efficiently, stripping off extra oil and residue from other hair products. Aloe vera gel doesn’t irritate your hair strands while it cleans. Unlike other chemicals in hair products, aloe vera gel is gentle and preserves the integrity of your hair. Using aloe vera gel makes the hair look healthier, shinier, and softer.

  • Strengthens and repairs hair strands

Aloe vera gel contains excellent vitamins (E, C, and A) for healthy hair. All three of those vitamins contribute to cell turnover, promoting healthy cell growth and glossy hair. The Vitamin B12 and folic acid in aloe vera gel keep your hair from falling out.

Aloe vera gel is a product that people use on their skin after sun exposure. The vitamin content in aloe vera suggests that it helps repair sun damage to your hair, too.

  • Aloe Vera Gel promotes hair growth

With the above-stated points, when your scalp has been cleansed and your hair has been conditioned with aloe vera gel, you will experience a reduction in hair breakage and loss slows down. That means your hair will be healthy and will grow faster.

Bonus Tip: To apply the Aloe vera gel in your hair, rub the aloe vera gel into your scalp and hair, and letting it penetrate your hair follicles could condition and improve damaged, dry hair. After letting it sit for an hour, rinse the gel off with a light shampoo.

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