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Our Moringa oil is extracted from the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree. It can also be referred to as “Ben Oil” or “Behen Oil”. The oil has a clear color and nutty smell and contains Vitamin C, B and antioxidants which make it highly sort after in beauty and health applications. Our Moringa Oil as organic as it is, can used to cook though it is not used on a daily basis and contains an impressive amount of oleic acid.

Bulk Organic Moringa Oil from Ghana (25 Lts)

$2,000.00 Regular Price
$900.00Sale Price
    • It posses anti-aging properties and rids the face of wrinkles and sagging of the skin too. 
    • Nourishes and protects the bones as well as soothes the nervous system.
    • Serves as a natural supplement for hair growth thus causing one to have a strong and healthy hair.
    • Used to treat skin diseases like acne.
    • Domestic market: 25 liters.
    • International market: 1,000 liters (1 ton). 


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