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Extracted from fresh and mature kernels of high-quality organically certified coconuts, nurtured in the fertile soils of Agona Swedru in Ghana, OTI 100% Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is rich in taste and fragrance, making it great for cooking, hair and skin care. While blessing your body with natural agents that help reduce viruses, fungus, and bacteria, it feeds your hair and body with the right nutrients for them to flourish in beauty and health. 

It is certified organic by USDA Organic.


The target market for this brand is the local market, nonetheless, international buyers are invited patronize the product as well and become our distributors. 


Retail price for 500ml: GHS 24.00

OTI - Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

SKU: OTI-VCO020220
500 Grams
  • OTI 100% organic extra virgin coconut oil is a good fat you should add to your diet daily.

    The benefits of our extra virgin coconut oil include: 

    • Stimulating your metabolism and helping you lose weight, 
    • Enhancing athletic performance, 
    • Promoting heart health,
    • Supporting your immune system, 
    • Reducing fatigue and reboosting your energy, daily,
    • Increasing regeneration of your cell faster, and helping proctect cell damaging. 

    Use OTI 100% organic extra virgin coconut oil as a lotion to grow your hair, keep your skin youthful, and nails clean and smooth.